Internet access has only just reached Bekoji and there was currently only a poorly resourced library facility for young people.

Education is the key to improving the lives of the next generation of Ethiopians, a country filled with children, and that books are the key to fostering a genuine love of learning.

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To develop this project we worked with The Tesfa Foundation and Ethiopian Reads. Their programs are managed and run by Ethiopians, and without the on-the-ground expertise and oversight of their staff in Ethiopia, these initiatives would not exist. In a country where many people live on as little as $125 a year, projects offer employees the opportunity to develop their skills and gain experience in the fields of library science, publishing and design, project management and NGO administration. Tesfa offer a competitive wage and employee benefits as well as continuing professional training, such as workshops and trainings with volunteers from around the world.

Training in the field of library science is scarce in Ethiopia. Working with both volunteers from the U.S. as well as local librarians and educators, Tesfa Foundation offer regular training sessions for talented men and women who display a love of libraries, books and education. These skills are then carried into the library, the classroom and the community.

Thanks also go to the Carne Trust and the Belgo-Ethiopian Association who contributed to the library refurbishment costs.

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