Running Across Borders is a non-profit organization that expands economic opportunities to East African youth through running. One of our strategies is to establish training camps in Ethiopia supporting youth to develop into professional athletes while also becoming educated in English language, financial management, and non-running alternative career skills.
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Running Across Borders employs a self-sustaining entrepreneurial approach generating funding by a cultural exchange program with runners from all over the world.

They have successfully piloted the programme through a project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during 2009-2011 and look forward to expanding it to Bekoji. They aim to increase the number of youth they are able to support, establish a project that supports a local rural economy, and improve the independence and self-reliance of Bekoji youth. The approach centers upon the powerful medium of sport to achieve development goals.

See these articles from Athletics Weekly UK and Running Times USA for a glimpse into the programme they run.

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