As part of the Creative Campus Initiative, we have been working with University of West London to take Town Of Runners into schools and colleges in Ealing and Southall.

After screenings of the film with filmmaker Jerry Rothwell, students worked on creating images based on the themes of the film and its relevance to their own lives.
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The University of West London Saturday Art & Design Club was set up 2 years ago as part of the Sorell Foundation's National Art & Design Saturday Club. It is designed to give 14-16 year olds a taste of a university or college experience, and also to enable them to explore creativity outside of the school curriculum.

Club members attend each Saturday morning, and this work was produced during 2 of these sessions, working with artist Linda Newcombe, after they had seen a version of the fim and talked to the director. The images in the gallery here will become part of a book and postcard project, through which these London school pupils will be able to connect and communicate with people of their own age in Bekoji.

This gallery contains images and an animation which shows how young people living in London responded to the film. Some of the work is based on an expression of ambition and hope, whilst others explore the contrasts between their own lives and those of Hawii, Alemi and Biruk.

Click on the students' names to see their work.

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