The project at Dormers Wells School followed a screening of the film, introduced by Coach Sentayehu and Jerry Rothwell, who answered questions from pupils about the film.
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The workshops at Dormers Wells involved over 50 pupils, 4 teachers and 2 University staff members. The pupils gave up their free time on Friday afternoons to participate in the workshops.

Pupils were included from the 3 specialisms of sports, media and art & design. Activities were designed to get around 20 participants to put themselves into the shoes of the Bekoji runners in the 2nd workshop. There were activities including brainstorming & ideas development, photographing themselves in poses that related to themes they picked out in the film, action prints including static and running footprints and body tracing, in which they drew round each other in poses that connected to the film’s themes.

The third and final workshop involved creating new pictures from these photographic images, enhancing them with collaged backgrounds or text to create an image that either captured the aspirations of the film, or else expressed their own individual interpretations. Each participant was asked to write to the Coach to express the impact that seeing the film and meeting him had had on them.

Thanks go to the pupils and staff at Dormers Wells who showed so much interest in the project.

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