At present 250 young people attend Sentayehu's daily sessions; additional coaching support will help develop these talented athletes and help secure a legacy for Sentayehu's work.

In partnership with Running Across Borders, Girls Gotta Run Foundation and the University of Brighton Chelsea School Of Sport, we are supporting the wages of 3 assistant coaches to work and train under Sentayehu.
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Whilst Coach Sentayehu hopes to continue for many years, he also wants to ensure the work continues when he retires. There are a number of older athletes he has identified as potential coaches - and he wants to train and wage them as his assistants. They include Bekoji's first female coaching assistant.

Following Coach's visit in May 2012, University of Brighton's Chelsea School of Sport are developing a partnership with Bekoji to support the training of coaches. This will enable the older athletes to use their skills to continue coach's legacy in the town and to make a career for themselves.

We've now raised the funds to train, manage and wage these coaches for its first year, but are continuing to fundraise towards developing the town's library as a base for this work. You can help us by donating here (for the library project) or by making a donation towards the wages of Bekoji's first female coach through Girls Gotta Run Foundation.

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