Fatiya Abdi: Bekoji's First Female Coach
Fatiya will be Bekoji's first female coach.

Fatuya is a 24-year-old runner from nearby Shirka. She has been training to become a professional marathon runner, but wants to train as a coach because she wants to assist other female athletes in reaching their goals in running.

She has already begun working informally with Coach Sentayehu over the past four months to develop her coaching skills.
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Each morning Fatiya wakes up at 5am to conduct her own marathon training and then works with the 250 young athletes that come to train with Coach Sentayehu. As a young runner herself, she already knows many of the girls who come to train and is able to identify with their struggles and successes. Fatiya looks up to runners like Meseret Defar and is excited to be a mentor for young female runners in Bekoji.

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